I have installed Samba with CUPS on Ubuntu server and I shared a Canon ImageRunner 1133.

The printer works fine no problem but I want Windows clients to prompt for user and password when users click on the printer share.

Now even though I set guest ok = no under [printers] section the windows 7 client does not prompt for user, when I click the printer it says no driver found.

I installed the driver it prints without password please help.


Are you sharing the printer through Samba or CUPS? I have made the mistake before of sharing it through CUPS before which does not ask for a user name or password. If you're adding the printer through Devices and Printers and then adding the printer by doing http://ipaddress:631/printers/nameOfPrinter chances are pretty good you've set up sharing in CUPS rather than Samba. You should also check the settings located at localhost:631/admin This will have check boxes, make sure you don't have the one labeled "Share printers connected to this system" enabled.

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