The default time and date applet for Gnome Panel (in Gnome Classic) is buggy and leaks memory. Are there any alternatives I can download? I'm looking for something that will display the current date and time, and ideally have options for displaying other time zones.

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Is gworldclock from the softwarecenter something worth installing ?

It has a plugin for different time-zones.

I found some other packages in the softwarecenter, but they're mostly used for system administration (maybe good enough for you, this I don't know)

Searching in the get-deb site didn't give me something valuable.

I know there are some beautifull widgets (e.g. Webup8 and OMG ubuntu (sites)) in HTC-style, but I'm not shure that is something you were looking for.

I hope this leads you a bit further.


There appear to be no alternatives to the default time and date applet for having a clock in the Gnome-Panel.

However, I have been able to get useful time displays using Screenlets. They are not perfect in that they can overlap with windows. However, they will suffice until the time and date applet bugs are fixed.

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