Firefox starts and then it stops to work and I have to force close it. I tried to run it in safe mode and I reset it but nothing works.

Someone else has the same problem?

Thank you

  • Try renaming the .mozilla folder in home and try again. – To Do Feb 20 '13 at 9:59

I found the problem, it's related to websnapshot extensions. I used to use picuzu shooter, when I take a snapshot firefox freezes and I have to delete the .mozilla directory. I also tried with other extensions:

  • Awesome Screenshot Plus doesn't save the image using "save" button, if I right click and "Save image as" it freezes firefox.
  • Pixlr Grabber doesn't save the picture but doesn't break firefox
  • Screenshot by UploadScreenshot starts trying upload picture and it stops to work

I found a solution (or better a workaround). I can take the screenshot, when I save firefox hangs. I don't know the relation but the process gvfsd-metadata starts to use 100% of CPU. I kill this process and all is back to normality. Not so confortable but it works!


no problem here; Ubuntu 12.04 and FF 19

Try to remove firefox with Synaptic (or the softwarecenter) and choose complete removal. Then install Firefox again via the softwarecenter.

Make a back-up first of your bookmarks etc.

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