I have a laptop running Ubuntu 12.10, and an Android 2.3.4 (Samsung Galaxy Fit). I connect my Android to a speaker far away from me.

I want to stream music from my laptop using Rhythmbox to my phone.

I also want to change the tracks from my laptop. It should stop playing the current track on my phone and switch to the track I changed to.

How can I do that?

Thanks! :D


There are three options that come to my mind you have for doing so:

  1. Install and run an Icecast2 radio server streaming your soundcard as radio stream to your (local) network. Connect your Android device with an Internet Radio app (e.g. XiiaLive) that can receive a custom IP (which then is your radio stream).
  2. Set up a DLNA server on Ubuntu which serves the laptop's soundcard (it does not work for me, but people say they succeeded). Run a DLNA client app on the Android device (e.g. Bubble UPnP).
  3. Don't use Rhythmbox but vlc Install vlc music player on both ends which claim to be able to connect via a network stream.

Option 1. is tested to work with my setup (but the free version of XiiaLive caused quite some delay from over-buffering, there may be better apps around).

  • Hey, thanks for the answer! I installed Icecast2 and configured and started it. I also installed Darkice and configured it, but I guess it gives an error when I start it. The problem is, XiiaLive doesn't connect to the system. It show's "Connection Failed". I put the port and network host correctly, also the username and password. But it's not working! :( – Arjun Bajaj Feb 19 '13 at 8:10

you can use Bluetooth ( & pulseaudio ):

  • to stream music from the phone to Ubuntu
  • to use your pc mic to do calls

Here a complete guide for ubuntu ( it is a bit tricky since there is not a gui )


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