My Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop Lenovo T400 is not able to suspend or hibernate.

Whenever I click Suspend or Hibernate,

  • the moon LED on the bottom of the lid flashes a few seconds, the screen quickly shows something like "some devices fail to suspend, error 5",
  • and then the moon LED goes off and the display still has ambient light illumination. I suppose in suspend or hibernation state, the display should have no illumination, just like when the laptop is turned off, right?
  • If I press any key, the unlock screen dialogue will pop out.

I searched a little on the internet, and installed 'acpi-support' according to some advice but it does not help. Any suggestions to solve this problem? Thanks and regards!


Laptop specifications:

    Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8800  @ 2.66GHz
    Penryn 45nm Technology
    1.9GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 532MHz (7-7-7-20)
    LENOVO 2764CTO (None)
    ThinkPad Display 1440x900 @ 1440x900
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series (Lenovo)
Hard Drives
    244GB Western Digital WDC WD2500BEVS-08VAT2 (SATA)
Optical Drives
    AZCDW EFCPUZ452 SCSI CdRom Device
    AZCDW EFCPUZ452 SCSI CdRom Device
    Conexant 20561 SmartAudio HD
  • how large is your swap partition? – starcorn Feb 11 '11 at 9:28
  • @starcom: 4 GB. – Tim Feb 11 '11 at 12:54

OK, I have confirmed this on my T400 now. It seems to be problem with the latest kernel. So if you are not using kernel 2.6.35-24, do that and it will probably solve your problem also.

  • Thanks! Kernel 2.6.35 cannot suspend nor hibernate; Kernel 2.6.32 can suspend but cannot hibernate (it shows a screen of successfully writing the content of RAM to file when clicking Hibernate, but when I try to wake it up by pressing startup key on the keyboard, it restarts instead of waking up). – Tim Feb 13 '11 at 2:13
  • @tim: For me it also looks like it does a restart when waking up from hiberate, but it is actually not. Doesn't it go to screensaver after the boot up? – starcorn Feb 13 '11 at 11:35
  • It is like a restart, because I am to choose which kernel and OS to boot into asked by GRUB, and my previous open windows are all gone. It is not completely like a restart, as there is no Ubuntu startup sound. – Tim Feb 13 '11 at 12:51

Excerpt from SOURCE:

Found this solution for my Dell Mini 1012. Thank God it works:

Originally Posted by Petri K


This problem affects not just the Lenovo T400 but also for example the new Dell Latitude E4200, HP EliteBook 2530p, Sony Vaio VGN-TT1, Toshiba R600, or anything else with the "Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset" or X4500. I have exactly the same symptoms on my E4200 running intrepid.

The bug most certainly resides in the xserver-xorg-video-intel code. The fact that is manifests itself only with gnome desktop and not with KDE or text mode gives some clue. It is not compiz related as disabling compiz has no effect. I would say that this is a classical multiprocessor concurrency control problem! Disabling all but one core makes the bug disappear.

Here is my suggestion for a workaround. Save in /etc/pm/sleep.d/00CPU with 755 permissions. Note that it has to be called 00CPU so that it gets executed before and after anything else.


# Workaround for concurrency bug in xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.4.1-1ubuntu10.
# Save this as /etc/pm/sleep.d/00CPU


case "$1" in
      for i in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/online ; do
          echo 0 >$i
      sleep 10    # run with one core for 10 secs
      for i in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/online ; do
          echo 1 >$i

Please report if this works for you! The sleep period can easily be made longer if necessary.

Petri K


What graphics adapter do you have? The proprietary drivers for nVidia and ATI sometimes do not play well with ACPI suspend mode.

  • see my update. Looks like ATI. – Tim Feb 11 '11 at 4:24
  • I got the same problem. It worked before, but I don't know if it is because of when I updated to the latest kernel it stopped working – starcorn Feb 11 '11 at 9:18

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