How can I make a live CD/DVD from my harddisk installation?

In other words, I would like to create a boot CD from Ubuntu that is installed on my PC, because I want to include the updated packages in it.

Is it possible?

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I just made one for myself a few hours ago! I used RemasterSys. The steps to install are given on the page. After installing it, you can type the following commands on a terminal:

sudo remastersys dist my-hd.iso

to create a distributable image named my-hd.iso. You can burn this on a DVD and share it around. Just make sure you have removed crud like cached packages, unused config files. On a terminal type

sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt get autoclean

Again, if you are not a commandline guy, install Ubuntu Tweak to clean old packages, kernels and other crud from your system.

If comamnd line isnt for you, then you can goto Gnome Menu > Admninistration > Remastersys Backup.

There is also a guide given on Ubuntu.com, if you are willing to DIY.


Install UCK - tool to customize Ubuntu Live CDs:

sudo apt-get install uck

This should do the trick:


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