I have a creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio, And i faced so many problems with this card regarding compatibility with Linux.

Now i am looking for a new audio card and want to make sure that this time it will be compatible with linux.

If you don't know a websites that has a list of supported Linux audio cards just tell me what audio card you are using on Linux.

Thanks for help!

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Maybe the hardware compatibility list on linuxcompatible.org can help you.

Maybe this can help too: Sound Cards & Drivers - linux-sound.org

Here is another list: Sound cards - Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO


For Ubuntu specifically, see HardwareSupport/Components/SoundCards on the wiki.


You can find a list of certified audio cards in the component certification catalog.


You could also take a look here at the ALSA project wiki's list of supported sound cards. (Here's the site search).

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