Hello members I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 32 bit my only problem is that I'm from Bulgaria and when a download movie with Bulgarian subs VLC player is not showing them properly how can i fix that ?



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I came here for help, but I found the answer myself. In the VLC player menu, go to Tools, Preferences, Subtitles/OSD, then under Default Encoding choose Cyrillic (Windows-1251). You may need to restart the program in order for the change to take effect.

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It seems that your problem is related to the encoding of the subtitles. Check the instructions at the VLC's page on subtitles to adjust your preferences to whichever enconding was used to create the subtitle file.

Fonts in your Ubuntu installation should show cyrillic letters with no problem (anyway, that doesn't seem to be your problem).

If you need to change the encoding of your subtitle file, follow instructions given in this answer.

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If your fonts doesn't display correctly with text editor then you can use reopen with encoding using sublime for example, then select the same encoding in VLC. VLC encoding wont be enough if you can't read the Cyrillic subtitles with your text editor. Example: reopen file with Cyrillic (Windows-1251) then set the same for default in VLC. external link for more info

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