I tried to install Ubuntu server using PXE.

During the installation the system never ask me for a password or a login but at the end of the installation when the computer restart he asked me for a login and a password but i don't what are the password and the login :-/.

I'm working with MAAS and cobbler.

  • have you tried with ubuntu as for both username and password ? – rɑːdʒɑ Feb 13 '13 at 16:53

I'm assuming that you're using one of the default kcikstart templates in cobbler. The password for root and/or an initial user is probably defined in there. In my preseed I don't create an initial user, but I do define root's password. The lines that do this are:

d-i     passwd/root-login       boolean true
d-i     passwd/root-password-crypted password "MD5 Hash"

Where "MD5 Hash" is the MD5 hash of your desired password. You can get a correctly encrypted MD5 string for your password by running:

mkpasswd -H md5 "yourpassword"
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