I want to implement my own cloud and one of my friend told me that this can be done very easily on Ubuntu using Eucalyptus. Can anyone tell me how?


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According to Wikipedia, Eucalyptus is an infrastructure to provide cloud services with a computer cluster. That means that Eucalyptus is a quite large and complex system that is meant to be run on a cluster of several or many computers. An Eucalyptus installation is comprised of (at least) 5 or 6 different components, like a cluster controller, a storage controller, a node controller and so forth. It is recommended that each of this component is run on its own machine.

From the impression I get of your plans, Eucalyptus might be way to large for what you want to do. You maybe want to look into ownCloud instead.

  • How do you know he doesn't have a computer cluster? @"Vaibhav Gautam" - do you have a computer cluster? Are you aware of the scale of this thing?
    – wardr
    Sep 17, 2013 at 6:02
  • As I said, "from the impression I get" ;) Of course it's only a guess on my part, but somebody who has the knowledge and experience of managing a server cluster in most cases knows how to find information about a system like Eucalyptus himself. So I'd assume he doesn't have that experience and doesn't know what he would get himself into, and I recommended a more feasable alternative. Sep 17, 2013 at 7:37

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