Soon, I'll be attending a LAN party. There will be a couple of laptops, of which some have Windows 7 installed, and some Ubuntu 12.04. None of these laptops are connected to the internet.

I want to play 0 A.D. there.

To get these games installed on the Windows laptops, I'll give my friends a USB stick with the .exe for the latest version of 0 A.D.

I'd like to be able to install 0 A.D. on the Ubuntu laptops, too. However, the current version of 0 A.D. is only installable via a PPA, and I'm not sure about how to put this PPA on a USB stick. I'm also not sure about how possible dependencies can be resolved over there.

So, how can I install 0 A.D. on a Ubuntu 12.04 laptop that isn't connected to the internet?


Just go here and download the .deb files.

  • Does this .deb file contain all the necessary dependencies? – Exeleration-G Feb 12 '13 at 18:46

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