I have the latest Puppy Linux (5.20, I think) but it has a problem with grub install at the end of the setup process.

How can I install grub (or grub2, the easiest one will be great) manually using my Ubuntu 10.04 CD?

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  1. Boot from CD.
  2. Run fdisk -l and see which is your linux partition, say /dev/sda2.
  3. Mount the partition to say /mnt using mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
  4. Now run the following magic command from anywhere:

    grub-install --root-partition=/mnt /dev/sda

    You will get the message

    no error reported

  5. Reboot.

If you prefer a GUI way then download Grub Customizer Portable then mark the applications ‘executable’ after download - Right click > Properties > Permissions > Check ‘allow executing as a programme’ then double-click and run and then click File -> install to MBR.

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Please see link:

GRUB Manual - Install

Keep me informed

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