I have been trying to install Squid version 3.1.20 on Ubuntu version 12.10 by entering sudo apt-get install squid, but the problem is the squid I installed it is not caching. I tried to browse to the same websites many times it keep showing me TCP_MISS all the times. As I understand it should show TCP_HIT. The configuration is very simple. I just added the below statements into the squid configuration file.

acl allow_network src  

http_access allow allow_network

Please help me to fix the problem.


First off, Squid 3 is installed by:

sudo apt-get install squid3

Then, you have to add your acl, which you have done, good.

Then you need to create your cache_dirs by running:

sudo squid3 -z

Then you need to start the service:

sudo service squid3 start

After that, you might need to tweek your config a bitty, look at: allow_cache and always_direct, you really don't want the latter! Have a read of this: http://wiki.squid-cache.org/SquidFaq/ConfiguringSquid#Can_I_make_Squid_proxy_only.2C_without_caching_anything.3F for what NOT to do. I tend to use cache allow all

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