LG has no support for a linux driver at this time for my phone. Nor will they because its an older phone. Ubuntu doesn't recognize my phone it just charges it. I tried using bitpim to access my phone but no ports are available. I believe I need some kind of driver. I've googled everywhere i can't seem to find anything.

Phone info- LG revere- Non smart phone CDMA

What I would like to do: 1. Access entire file tree (Not sure if this is possible) Pretty much it not really into transferring ringtones or pictures to or from it. Also i want to be able to see the spc because it isn't the default with 0's

  • Please provide USB ID for this device. (extract from output of lsusb). Or, is it not recognised as a USB device? – david6 Feb 9 '13 at 21:28

Ok, provide us with a little bit more information: What kind of phone do you use? Is it a smartphone? Do you need certain tools that should work, like fastboot or do you want to use it only for sending data to your PC and vice versa?

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