I run:

$ Xdmx :1 -display 

The output:

(II) dmx: Generation:         1
(II) dmx: DMX version:        1.2.20070424 (DMX Project)
(II) dmx: DMX Build OS:       Linux 2.6.42-34-generic i686 (Ubuntu)
(II) dmx: DMX Build Compiler: gcc 4.6.3
(II) dmx: DMX Execution OS:   Linux 3.2.0-37-lowlatency #37-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 28 13:38:48 UTC 2013
(II) dmx: DMX Execution Host: alex-Inspiron
(II) dmx: MAXSCREENS:         16
(II) dmx: Using configuration from command line
(II) dmx: Added at 0 0
(II) dmx[o0/]: Name of display:
(II) dmx[o0/]: Version number:  11.0
(II) dmx[o0/]: Vendor string:   Open source
(II) dmx[o0/]: Vendor release:  0
(II) dmx[o0/]: Dimensions:      1024x720 pixels
(II) dmx[o0/]: 1 depths on screen 0:  32
(II) dmx[o0/]: Depth of root window:  32 planes (32)
(II) dmx[o0/]: Number of colormaps:   1 min, 1 max
(II) dmx[o0/]: Options: backing-store yes, save-unders no
(II) dmx[o0/]: Window Manager running: no
(II) dmx[o0/]: 1024x720+0+0 on 1024x720 at depth=32, bpp=32
(II) dmx[o0/]: 0x01 TrueColor   32b 8b/rgb 256 0xff0000 0xff00 0x00ff *
(II) dmx[o0/]: DPMS not supported
(**) dmx: dmxBECreateColormap: No visual found
(II) dmx[o0/]: (request) s=1024x720+0+0 r=1024x720+0+0 @0,0 (0) (be=1024x720 depth=32 bpp=32)
(II) dmx[o0/]: s=1024x720+0+0 r=1024x720+0+0 @0,0 (be=1024x720 depth=32 bpp=32)
(II) dmx: Using 1024x720 as global bounding box
(II) dmx: XSync batching with 100 ms interval
(II) dmx: Shadow framebuffer support disabled

Fatal server error:
no screens found

How to locate the problem?

  • Author of Xserver answer in blog: "No, the DMX extension isn’t implemented. The only extensions currently supported are Shape, XGE, and BigRequests."
    – mirage
    Feb 9, 2013 at 20:22


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