I'm quite new to ubuntu (with GUI) - just got over from OS X.

I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my MacBook Pro 9.2, and I have the habit of leaving one finger at the bottom of the trackpad ready to click while I am using another finger to move the cursor around. This is NOT possible with my current settings. The moment I have two fingers on the trackpad, either the mouse pointer stops moving or the window starts scrolling.

Is there anyone who know how I can get it to accept my habit, or am I just going to live with it?

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    This is a problem with trackpads without "real" buttons, it confuses the two finger scrolling. – Seth Feb 8 '13 at 21:07

This article:

How to Get MacBook-Style Finger Gestures on Ubuntu Linux

... may not give you exactly what you want, but it should help make the transition a little bit nicer. I do not have this installed myself so I cannot test for the specific scenario you outlined. If it does work please report back here.

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