So school just restarted and i'm crazy addicted to league of Legend. Is there anyway I can block myself from running it for like 1-2 days. I'm looking for a program. I believe there is one like this for macs, but ain't sure.

  • I was asking if there was a program that blocks the use of a certain programs from being used for a period of time. how is this ambigious.......... Macs have a similar programs...... – Kamerom Feb 7 '13 at 14:28

Is that game online? sudo apt-get purge firefox-or-whatever-your-browser-is.

Just kidding. I will tell you as a recovering video-game addict that the only thing that made me stop playing a game in the short run was to decide to stop playing that game - period. I always found a way around whatever self-imposed barrier I put in front of me if I was going to play it later. Only making up my mind to not play it at all worked.

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