I'm trying to install Kubuntu 12.10 on my computer, but when i get to the part where we chose the partition to install Kubuntu, I only have three options and all of them includes using the 100% of my HDD. Since I did't want to have any problems with my other partitions, I canceled the installation. Here's the picture of the screen i mentionedinstallation screen

I'm actually not sure about what it's going to do because I don't have enough knowledge of technical English even though I'm an ELT student. The second bar on the image really bugged me and I thought i better seek for help. Any kind of help would be appreciated by the way. Thank you for your help in advance and have a nice day.


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This was solved with information given in comments.

mikewhatever said:

.... The problem seems to be that the hdd already has 4 primary partitions. If that is the case, you won't be able to create more, before deleting one. Your current options are: delete one of the partitions and then create partitions manually, use the Windows installer, use VirtualBox. PS: What's ELT.

Seth added:

Yes, according to the picture you already four primary partitions: /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6. I hard drive can only have four primary partitions at a time.

The OP reported that this worked.

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