I had an issue in grub where it said BOOTMGR missing when I selected my windows 7 option. So I slapped in my Windows 7 disk, launched startup repair and now windows worked, however, it boots up directly into windows and GRUB does not come up.

  • How do you have your partitions set up? Is the Ubuntu partition on the same physical drive as Windows or separate? – Nimble Feb 2 '13 at 10:01

Windows did override grub. And because Win 7 does not care about other systems, nothing else showing up.

Try to repair or reinstall grub and you will be able to boot from Windows also from Ubuntu.


Sorry for only replying now, I had a busy weekend to say the least.

So this is the 'correct' answer I guess, thanks for everyone who helped.

Anyhow, I downloaded the live disk which is 64bit because my system is also 64bit. The boot-repair tool went into a hang after a few minutes and I tried it a few times. Even took my windows partition out and tried it again, still hanged and nothing happened. So I still used the live cd and did a chroot into my ubuntu partition. I the completely removed grub and the reinstalled and reconfigured it. This did not work, after one restart, so being insane an all, I did the exact same thing again and after a reboot it worked. I guess the reason boot repair didnt work is because I don't have a vanilla setup, i.o.w. one hdd with ubuntu and windows on. I have 8 hdd's where ubuntu is on partition 2 of the one and windows is on a completely different one. Anycase, just glad it works now and I didnt have to reinstall my ubuntu.

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