Using an old archive that I have (with Maxwell's equations), the Greek letters display as squares. I tried to change something in the alphabet but even the fonts don't have any Greek letters (they appear like squares too), both Greek and iGreek letters packages.

Sounds like a package that's not installed, or corrupted. I still re-downloaded and reinstalled LibreOffice. I don't know what I have to install. The equations look fine in OpenOffice.org (I made the file with it). What should I do?

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Thanks to everybody that helped me, but I figured out how to solve my problem. I installed the LibreOffice via the deb in its page after completely remove my OO. When I did that i removed too the package "ttf-opensymbol".

When I installed the LibreOffice PPA this package was installed automatically. But I will communicate them about this issue (they should include this dependence in their "how to install" pages).


You need to report this bug to the LibreOffice project:



  • Thank you. I solved it and I'll use your links to communicate them about the bug. Feb 7, 2011 at 19:38

Have you tried to use Gucharmap (Characters map) to copy greek characters and paste them on LibreOffice? With Gucharmap you can also see if a font render them right.

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