I have two browser on my Ubuntu 12.10 64bit. Chromium and FireFox.
I want to install flash player but only for FireFox to play game and music. But not for Chromium.
Can someone show me how to do that?


Assuming you have successfully installed Flash and that it works for Firefox, you can simply prevent Chromium from using Flash. To do so, type about:plugins in the Chromium browser's address bar and hit Enter.

Then look at the list of plug-ins enabled, and just disable anything related to Flash.

Such a step will only affect Chromium and not Firefox.

Note that Firefox has a click-to-play option for plug-ins as well. If you wish to enable that feature, type about:config in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. Answer okay in the resulting screen and then, in the next screen, type click and look for a line with plugins.click_to_play. Go to that line and pressing Enter will toggle the click-to-play feature on or off.

I don't use 64-bit myself and have heard that getting Flash to work may be problematic, but, in any case, make sure you have allowed ubuntu-restricted-extras and run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

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