I have searched around the internet for answers; however, I was not successful in locating an answer. What is the best method of simulating two audio devices using Pulse Audio/ALSA/something else? Thank you.

Edit: For further clarification, I need these audio devices for input and output into Teamspeak 3. This setup will allow me to create a music bot of sorts when I play audio into the line that is the input of teamspeak. This setup is easily achieved through Virtual Audio Cable on Windows. Thank you.


Using alsa, you can add in ~/.asoundrc

pcm.simulatedAudio {
  type file
  slave {
    pcm null
  format "raw"
   file " | /path/to/script"

This will run the script sending the audio data in to stdin (if you dont want the audio you can pipe it in to /dev/null).

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