I can boot into either Ubuntu or Windows by manually selecting them from the BIOS and I boot with no trouble into Ubuntu from GRUB but when I select "Windows 8" from GRUB I am greeted with the following:

can't find command 'drivemap' invalid EFI file path

My basic setup:

Rampage IV Motherboard 3x SSD (1 for windows, 1 for scratch space, 1 for Ubuntu)

Windows was installed first Ubuntu was installed second

I already tried running boot-repair twice, once from installed Ubuntu, once from a live usb. The output of boot-repair: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1577730/

Any suggestions on how to get dual-boot working? I think I'm missing something obvious here.


in that case you need a clean installation of windows 8 and then make a partition for ubuntu i suggest to download and install wubi (wubi can determine if your computer is 32 bit or 64 bit) and then install it to the another partition .

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