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Where’s the “task manager”?
How to find out how much disk space is remaining?

How do I see how much memory I'm using? How do I see how much disk space is free? Is there a program like task manager in windows?

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You can use the "System Monitor" is the Windows equivalent of the "Task Manager", you can use it to view how much hard drive space you have as well as how much RAM you are using.

enter image description here

enter image description here

You can also use top to find information on running process'.


You don't actualy call it memory on a HDD, just disk space. Go into the dash home and search for system monitor. Go to the right-most tab (filesystem) it will show you how much space is left for each partition. System monitor will give you all the info about your system.

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df -lh  

It checks your disk free in a long human readable format.

There is also a bulit-in software to see your RAM useage,unfortunately whose name escapes me.

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