If I try to drag&drop a JPG (or other Graphic file) from Nautilus via the Unity Dash into Scribus, the Dash symbol’s are "grayed" and only some App's are usable but not Scribus.

How can I make this symbol usable for Drag and Drop?


This may be related to these two bugs #9452 #12597. Until this is fixed it may be best to use the new Picture Browser found in Scribus 1.5.0 and above.

First, download and install Scribus 1.5.0. A PPA is available from here. With it now installed, open Scribus and being a new document. In the Extras menu option click on Picture Browser: enter image description here

In the picture browser navigate to the folder containing your images: enter image description here

You can now easily click and drag an image from the Picture Browser into you document: enter image description here

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