I created a new partition on my hard drive because my /tmp partition was too small. I changed the mountpoint in /etc/fstab and rebooted.

Every time I reboot, I get the following error message at the login screen:

There is a problem with the configuration server. (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)

When I log in, /tmp is mounted correctly and everything seems to work fine. When I reboot, the error shows again. When I change the /tmp mountpoint back to the old partition, the error message disappears.

What could be causing this and how can I solve this issue?


This appears to be a sticky bit problem. /tmp needs to have permissions of 1777 (drwxrwxrwt ), please note the last 't' flag.

Compare permissions of /tmp using ls -ld /tmp with new and old partition and if it is different,

Try changing permissions on new partition.

sudo chmod 1777 /tmp 
  • Great to know :)
    – Jamess
    Feb 6 '11 at 16:57

I guess you deal with a corrupt file system.

Boot from a Ubuntu install disk(flashdrive) and run fsck with the -fy option on your hard drive (/), this will fix several things and cur the error message.

Please let me know, if this fixes your problem!

Regards, Ilias el Matani

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