I have used Ubuntu for over 2 years now, with 64 bit version always. I have been using 12.04 64 bit ever since it was released. I usually use Ubuntu for development and programming and little bit of browsing but all my other stuff happens in Windows 7. I have noticed that Ubuntu cannot use my DMA and slows down my entire computer when ever I copy or move something as the processor usage spikes up. As my Ubuntu distro has become quite slow, I am planning to re install it. Will installing 32 bit version make any difference to the DMA problem or the other hardware problems? (excessive processor usage etc). I don't play games much, so I don't need entire 6GB of my RAM to be available always. Also, can I give linux mint a try? (I like Unity) btw, processor is i3 Thanks!


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I think there is not much difference. I had more Software issues with 64-bit, so I switched to 32-bit. My feeling was it is a little slower. With PAE you will have your 6GB RAM and you have it with the I3.

So, if you don't have software issues - use 64-bit, but maybe 12.10...

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