I installed Ubuntu 12.04 and I also installed Unity Window Quicklists by following this link.
I added a few bookmarks (shortcuts) to the left side selection in nautilus: http://naveenubuntu.blogspot.sk/2012/05/ubuntu-1204-adding-bookmarksshortcuts.html

and this way, when I right-click the home folder in unity launcher it populates those shortcuts.

BUT, as soon as I use a shortcut that way (so I access a folder that way) and then I right-click the home folder in the unity launcher (even after I close the previously opened window) the shortcuts do not appear anymore. Only if I log out and log back in.

Could you, please, help me to solve this issue? Thank you in advance for all the efforts and answers.

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Actually I solved my issue by uninstalling Unity Window Quicklists, since I did not use it as much as the shortcuts.

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