I use wget like this:

wget --load-cookies cookies.txt downloadlink

The download is successful. But the problem is that it stores useless files from the link to the directory after I delete it for many times. It auto creates www.mylink.com dir in the directory no matter how many times I delete it. I try to find where the cookies is saved on my server so I can delete them, but I can't find them.

I hope someone can help as the files that are automatically stored are getting bigger each second. Also there's a file called .fuse_hidden0345bd8d000004e3 which is getting bigger too, and I can't delete it either.

  • OP seems to have solved the problem here. Quoting the "solution": "problem solved,i kill the wget process.thanks guys". – user25656 Jan 22 '13 at 8:08

The OP solved the problem and posted the solution here on Ubuntu Forums.
(Thanks to vasa1 for finding this.)

While the problem remains somewhat vague, the solution can be applied easily, so this may help others in the same situation.

The solution was to kill wget (probably with killall wget assuming no other important wget instances). Apparently the problem related to a session or sessions that had remained open due to running wget instances.

More information does not appear to be available.

@lance: Please still post an answer if you can give more information, for example, if you know why your solution worked.

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