I'd like to mount a folder from my Mac on my Ubuntu machine. So far I've enabled file sharing on my Mac and enabled Samba.

On Ubuntu I am able to connect to the share by simply navigating to smb://servername and I can see all my files. Great!

So I installed cifs-utils so that I had the cifs files available, then I created an empty folder /mnt/david_mac, and then manually mounted the share using,
sudo mount -t cifs //serverName/david -o 'username=myUsername,password=myPassword,rw,nounix,noserverinfo,sec=ntlmssp' /mnt/david_mac

I can then see my files and folders fine in the /mnt folder. However I cannot write to them. What piece of the puzzle am I missing in order to be able to write files back to the Mac from my Ubuntu system?


As with all things, I found the solution to this issue right after posting this question. The solution is in, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13631510/samba-cannot-write-issue

The primary thing being that you need to pass file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 as part of your options in mount

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