I was wondering if there is any way of installing Ubuntu from command line using the Ubuntu Live CD. I am aware of the alternate CD text install, but just wanted to know if its possible to do so from the Live CD installer.


Not an easy solution by far, but you can use debootstrap:


  • The link is no more working… Even archive.org does not help here. – Melebius May 24 '20 at 6:03

You need the text-based alternate install CD....then the installation is in text mode. Or try to change the start options.

  • change start option? in a live cd? is that possible? – Ubuntuser Feb 3 '11 at 8:34
  • Yes, you can change startup parameters in grub @Ubuntuser – Rinzwind Aug 22 '12 at 10:38

You don't need an alternate text-based CD to access command line- you can use key combination Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to TTY1.

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