Is there a way to remove the 'documents' and 'pictures' options from my personal folders. I have a work machine that I need to upload some files from but don't want to give that machine the option to access my personal documents and pictures.


You could try Directory Encryption with encfs.

Encfs is an application that allows you to create encrypted directories, any file that is placed in such a directory will be encrypted. To open an encrypted directory you need a correct password.

Please refer to FolderEncryption for more details.


Of course you already need to have access to that machine to even be able to get files. There are several methods in doing this...

  1. If both have USB use a stick.
  2. Get the files with scp from that machine to your machine or from your machine to that machine (scp {user}@{server-ip}:/{dir}/{dir}/{files}* .). We use this alot to update our software on a server.

Neither will allow anyone to see your system or your documents/picture folders.

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