I would like to add a command to be run at startup from within a shell script.

For example, I run the script once and it adds the cron job, so from that time on, each time the OS starts, a specific program is started.

More specific, I'd need xbindkeys to run on startup and this to be done by a one-time running script.

So far I think this line would do the work:

@reboot xbindkeys

(xbindkeys is in PATH)

How could I add this job from a script?


There are a number of ways to accomplish this. See this answer for more details. Adding @reboot xbindkeys to your crontab would work, but apparently only works when the machine is rebooted not when it comes up cold.

sudo echo '@reboot xbindkeys' >> /etc/crontab

That will add the line to your cron jobs, but typically I call the script by adding it in a line to /etc/init.d/rc.local, though I like Riccardo's suggestion of adding it to ~/.gnomerc.


Use crontab -e to edit user's crontab (A list of start-up scripts that users have added).
Add following line at the end:

@reboot <command>


  • @reboot my_script.sh
  • @reboot python my_script.py arg1 arg2

Finally use contab -l to make sure your script was added to the list.

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