Is it possible to convert ubuntu cursor theme to windows .cur and .ani. and make ubuntu cursor theme from Windows .cur & .ani files? If so, How

thanks :)

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    Yes, it is possible. I don't remember the tools I used to use to do it, however. xcursorgen was one. I also had a plugin for GIMP that would edit X (ubuntu) cursors, so I could export the images. And if you Google for something like 'free make Windows cursors' you will get a bajillion results, many/most of which will run in Wine. So no solution from me, but some suggestions anyway. :)
    – zpletan
    Feb 1 '11 at 17:52

Gursor Maker allows to edit cursors for X and allows to import themes made for Stardock CursorXP


Use RealWorld Cursur Editor with Linux Xcursur Codec if you are on Windows.


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