I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu-one to sync my folders. I am experiencing this problem for a while now and its very annoying. A folder within a folder is not synced!


  • "Folder 1" -> synced fine
  • now I add "Folder 2" into this folder, but Ubuntu One does not sync it.
  • So I have to select with right and add it to Ubuntu One "manually"...

So instead of having:

  • /Folder1/
  • /Folderx/

I get in my Ubuntu One account:

  • Folder1/
  • Folder1/Folder1.2
  • Folder1/Folder1.3
  • Folder1/Folder1.4

  • Folderx

  • Folderx/Folderx.1


Any ideas? How do I fix this issue?

  • Because of issues like these, I moved to Dropbox, which works perfectly! – functionptr Jan 15 '13 at 1:39

U1 has trouble with subfolders. They're usually created on the server but files aren't uploaded for some reason. Once the client is restarted (u1sdtool -d && u1sdtool -q && u1sdtool -c) or the session/computer is restarted, upload is resumed correctly and files in subfolders are taken into account. This is an old bug, I am always very careful when uploading before deleting my local copy because of this. Very annoying.

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