I just have installed Ubuntu 12.10 (fresh new installation) and installed an icon theme pack - Nitrux Icons - and everything is fine, except the battery icon in the system tray. Here's the icon with the charge adapter unplugged:


And it looks fine - that's the real icon. But when I plug the charger it shows as:


Thats not the real icon.
Also, with other themes like Faenza - it shows the same icon when the charger is plugged in.


Depending from where you downloaded the Icons, you may not have the current version of them and yours might not include this particular icon.

As you can see from my screenshot:


The current version of the icon set does contain the icon. If it's not present in yours please update, if not drop a comment on the Icons page at deviantART, I'll check it and see what can be done.

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