I just got a fresh install of 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 and I had no internet.

I got ndiswrapper (just ndiswrapper, not utils or anything), I downloaded the drivers for my adapter (050d:6050) from the Belkin support website, and installed them. I installed the Vista drivers, did all the iwconfig, modprobeing, etc... And I got nothing. I saw a thread telling about blacklisting rt2500usb and similar items, and still, nothing. So I went to install the Xperia drivers, did the same, and still nothing. iwconfig was empty both times.

Please help me, I don't know how to proceed with this.


On Sourceforge wiki, they directed me to this link. I'd recommend using the XP driver, as I've always done with ndiswrapper. Otherwise the driver should be on the original driver CD. This thread claims you should use the rt2870.inf from the XP2K driver. Make sure you have ndiswrapper properly configured (add ndiswrapper to /etc/modules, run sudo modprobe ndiswrapper to have the driver kick in right away...). Otherwise you can try the XP64 driver if the XP2K driver fails.

For blacklisting rt2500usb, you can try that, you can also add rt2870sta to /etc/modules.

That's the best I've found on the forums, seeing as I don't own that device myself. Basic steps for troubleshooting hardware in Linux (in my experience anyway) are:

  • get the Vendor ID / Product ID (for USB devices) and Google it (and identify it in a system file or two if needed)
  • grab libraries from the package manager that might be useful
  • download a driver and point to it in a system file

Give it a try and post a comment.

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