I published some files in ubuntuone - now I wanted to unpublish these files. The files however, are marked as unpublished on my computer and on the u1 web interface. So, I cant unpublish them as they appear as unpublished. The links, however, are still active and accessible and in the ubuntu one app on my pc I can see these files listed in the "Share links" tab.

I also tried to unpublish with

u1sdtool --unpublish-file=PATH

to no avail.

Further, even if I delete the file from my pc, the link is still active and the file can be still downloaded from the public link!

Any idea how to resolve that issue?


Ok, I finally found the (silly) source of my inability to unpublish a file. Whenever I send a large file as attachment with Thunderbird I'm asked to link that file via U1. If I agree, Thunderbird will copy that file into the "Thunderbird Attachments" folder on U1. That is, I'm not actually publishing the file that I was referring to in the mail attachment but the copy of that file which resides in the Thunderbird folder. Hence, trying to "unpublish" the original file will obviously not work.

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