I have an Acer laptop with a port replicator, the Easyport IV.

System specs:

  • Acer laptop, Travelmate 8172
  • Intel HD graphics
  • Ubuntu 12.10

My problem:

I have two VGA ports. One directly on my laptop and one on my easyport of course.

Most of the times I am forced to use the VGA socket on my laptop, which somehow defeats the purpose of a having port replicator.

xrandr -q doesn't list it as a different device of course. Also I don't get a udev signal. Sometimes, on rare occasions it will mystically pick the VGA on my Easyport, but I can't trigger that.

How can I choose the VGA output on my port replicator?


My System:

  • Travelmate 8572
  • Easyport
  • Arch Linux (Kernel 3.14)

I noticed that VGA and Ethernet at the easyport are only working, if the sound is muted. The following command solves the issue temporarily for me and i have not noticed any side effects yet.

hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC0D0 0x1b SET_EAPD 0x00

Please tell us if it solves your problem too

Edit: hda-verb is contained in package "alsa-tools"

  • This just did the trick. Hooray!!! No more messing around with the cable. – user888056 Jan 31 '15 at 12:03

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