From this question, I learned that I can't move windows between displays. But, can I show the contents of the window on another display somehow? Don't move it, but duplicate the output.

On the Bumblebee website is stated that it launches a second X server and uses VirtualGL to show the output of this second server on the other. Couldn't this approach be applied to classic X windows?


I just found xpra, which could solve your problem. It starts your program in a virtual xserver (by default xvfb) and allows you to attach the display locally or remote. It describes itself as an screen for X.

So all you need to do is

xpra start :100 --start-child=myprogram

on the initial display and

xpra attach :100

on the other display.

  • Thanks, it works flawessly! Surprisingly, it's a relatively new piece of software, and it's evolving fast with new features. It seems we'll probably be missing X after all! :) Dec 5 '13 at 10:50

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