I have Corsair Vengeance M60 mouse (USB), and it seems to be having issues in Ubuntu. Basically, it detects movement and detects button clicks, well, sort-of.

I put it through "xinput test" and every button I press (all of them seperately) return as being mouse button 1. So they all left click no matter what I press, and I can't remap because they all seem to think they're the same mouse button. Any ideas? Ubuntu 12.10 by the way :)


hope this helps...I am currently in the same boat sorta. I am using the M65 on raring ringtail. works fine except for the "sniper mode" button i think that is what it is referred to as.


i am learning this as i go...so sorry if this didn't help.

  • Your answer is incomplete. Please improve your answer by adding step-by-step instructions for how to configure the mouse buttons. Since you've also got a Corsair Vengeance mouse, I suggest that you write down your current mouse settings, and then test your changes on your own mouse. – karel May 15 '13 at 5:06

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