I have been using Mint May 13 for several months, but I wanted to install Ubuntu 12.10 also. I ran the Ubuntu Live CD and "Installed Alongside". Everything appeared to install correctly, but when I boot up, it only recognizes Mint and Windows 7(which is on sdb, while Mint and Ubuntu are on sda, with sda first in the boot order. Mint and win 7 still work fine. And I examined the partitions on sda and Ubuntu APPEARS to be installed properly. Is there a step or setting I missed or need to take for GRUB to recognize Ubuntu at boot?



Try this in a terminal

sudo update-grub

Then reebot and see if it appears in the grub menu.

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  • Will work on either OS. Choose and remove bootloader package from the other one. – Erkin Alp Güney Dec 14 '14 at 18:30

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