If i log in and out or if I restart my computer, Synergy always disappears. I was using the PC a few days ago, got synergy installed and running, and then I rebooted. Synergy didn't start up and I could find it in Applications or recent or even by searching the dash.

When I tried to install it using Ubuntu software center, it shows already installed. So I removed it, reinstalled it and it started working again. At this point I also set it to load on Startup through Synergy settings and also by clicking the gear in the top right and Startup Applications...

I rebooted again and it's gone again. It's also missing from Startup applications and also from the dash search. I still see in /usr/bin/ synergyc, synergyd, and synergys but none of them run if I double click them (or right-click-> Open).

Can someone please help me with this?

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    Does ps -ef|grep synergy show any output? Also: in the comments of synergy someone says: "But a word of warning: You may find it crashing at weird times, such as when you press the shift key, as in this bug report: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synergy/+bug/992451 If that happens to you, go to the synergy webpage and download version 1.4.9+. The version in the repository here is out of date--1.3.8--and updating should fix your issue." Might be worth a try. – Rinzwind Jan 9 '13 at 21:54
  • Hi I really had to use the PC and didn't have time to troubleshoot (right after opening this thread), so I plugged in a mouse and keyboard and reinstalled synergy. I did a reboot a few days after that (for updates) and it did startup normally. Thanks for your reply. If the issue comes up again I'll update this post. – user1154405 Jan 16 '13 at 15:12

It's a case of getting synergy to autostart after reboots. You're not the first to battle with synergy autostart; googling should bring up many results, and it's been answered here too. I've even blogged about it in the past for gdm3 under Debian. So, you're definitely not alone in your troubles!

In summary, getting it to start after you've logged on is just a case of adding the command (synergys/synergyc depending) with appropriate args to Session & Startup's autostart list. There's a little more work to get it autostarting at the point of login, since that's a separate invocation in a separate context, but typically it's just a case of adding the command to the appropriate display manager init file.

I used to have it autostarting on previous distros, but nowadays I just invoke it manually after logging in, since I reboot infrequently (and the repo version is relatively unstable, so I typically have to restart it periodically anyway).

A quick synergyc 192.168.x.x does the trick (for the client, obviously).

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