A friend of mine have a DVD movie locked to a different region. Hopefully, I seem to have a region free DVD player in my laptop.

How can I burn a region free copy of his DVD movie so my friend can watch it?

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You could give "K9Copy - KDE tool to backup DVDs" a try.

Install via the software center

It's very much capable of disassembling the individual streams, putting them back together (even customising the selection of audio/video tracks) and then burning it to a new disc.

It seems it's not even capable of putting a region code onto a blank DVD, so (ab)use that as a feature!

A sort of dedicated tutorial on how to do this is on this random blog. Comes down to:

  1. Select DVD source.
  2. Select "Rip and encode" as destination.
  3. Select the elements you want to "rip". It's useful to leave out some unwanted streams/titles/chapters.
  4. Select some encoding options, but just use "copy" to leave the contents of the streams untouched.
  5. Once finished it will ask you to load a blank DVD to burn.

I've used Brasero Install Brasero for this. It's fairly trivial.

Just make an image of the DVD, then burn the image to a blank one.

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    Yeah, Brasero will work fine too, probably. If I recall correctly, that has less options regarding DVD-videos, though. I've upgraded your answer, and it's a nice suggestion, so +1.
    – gertvdijk
    Jan 11, 2013 at 20:19

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