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Add options to “Move to” (when you right click on a file)

Assume I want to copy a file from /home/foo/bar/baz to /opt/quuz/dir1/option3. When I try it with Nautilus, first I have to open the correct directory, copy the file, go to the other directory and paste it there. I was thinking of a better way and old KDE3 versions of Konqueror came to mind. It was possible to right-click on a file. The context menu had an option for copying, moving the file to some default directories. Furthermore you could select any directory under /. So for the above action one would right click on a file, select /opt first, a list of subdirectories will open, select /opt/quuz and so on.

Using GNOME there are only two possible values (home and desktop). Is there any way to insert more directories to this context menu in GNOME? Can I copy somehow the behaviour of Konqueror?

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This was a long time running idea in Ubuntu Brainstorm http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/1366 and I would like to see this too on Nautilus.

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