Today I have been unable to boot into my Ubuntu (10.10) or Windows (7) partition.

Ubuntu kernel panics on boot with the error:

init: hash.c:296: Assertion failed in nih_hash_search: hash != NULL

I can boot into a LiveUSB environment, and from there can access all my files on my 3 partitions (1 ext4, 2 NTFS). I have also ran fsck on the ext4 partition and ntfsfix on the 2 NTFS partitions, both not finding any errors at all. And Grub is intact and have also tried a reinstall of it.

So at the moment I'm currently stuck using a LiveUSB, and would like to see if there are any other options other than reinstalling.



I've now ran chkdsk using my Windows recovery disk, and it found errors and fixed them, but I am still unable to boot into either Windows or Ubuntu

Update #2

I've decided to just re-install Ubuntu and start again as I didn't really want to spend any more time looking around whilst I need this computer for work. Thanks for all your help though.

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    why can't you boot windows 7? also, you should be able to reinstall the kernel from a chroot (I'm guessing) and bypass the panic - though I'll leave that for someone from the kernel team to confirm. – RolandiXor Jan 28 '11 at 14:12
  • When booting into Windows I get an error saying to use my Windows disc (which I can't get access to at the moment as I am at work). And I have two options of either continuing and escaping. Both options just send me back to GRUB. – Josh Jan 28 '11 at 15:23

Since you can't boot into either, perhaps your bootloader is hosed. Try reinstalling that from your LiveUSB environment.

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