I'm getting a strange error quark 11 on renaming my filesystems on Ubuntu 12.10 64. I'm sure 100% I've already done it in the past without issues using the disk utility. Maybe some recent upgrade or I don't know what, but now I get an error:

Don't know how to change label on device of type filesystem:btrfs (udisks-error-quark, 11))

It's not critical to me, but you may find it useful for the records. I've not been able to find anything around about this quark 11 error.


I've seen this with BtrFS volumes. The Disks utility doesn't appear to know how to handle them yet.

From a command line, use:

sudo btrfs filesystem label <mountpoint> <newlabel>

if the filesystem is mounted.

Else, if unmounted, use:

sudo btrfs filesystem label <device> <newlabel>

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