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How can I Dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 8

I've had various problems with Ubuntu and Windows 8 on dual-boot, how can I solve this in an easy manner without messing my partitions or my boot loader?

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I hope my experience could help other people in mine same situation:

I've had a lot of problem with dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 8 in two partition in a same HD: Every time automatically started Windows and never ubuntu.... I've try all guides for disable Secure boot,etc... but without solution.

I've solved all dual boot problems, installing Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 in two separated HD.

My situation is

HD n°1:

  • 1st partition with Ubuntu 12.04
  • 2nd partition for backup, ntfs formatted

HD n°2

  • Windows 8. from windows, i can read/write on ntfs partition into 1st HD

When switch on my computer, into GRUB page,I can choose between Ubuntu and Winfdows 8, but only Ubuntu can be booted; If i choose Windows 8 is shown a message which says : "error impossible find EFI... etc... or something like that".
If i boot directly windows 8 from boot menu, it work!

Maybe I've understand what is the problem:

Windows 8, it's installed in a traditional mode, NOT UEFI, and I can see this from tool partition manager: in my Windows 8 HD isn't available EFI partiion, or well, the boot partion isn't EFI, but traditional I suppose (i've upgrade it from windows 7).

When I've install Ubuntu 12.04, I've choose EFI boot mode for the installation. (with Gparted I can see EFI boot partion on my HD).

My Mother board support both system BIOS and EFI, but i think GRUB system work only if both, Windows / Ubuntu, use the same boot mode: UEFI or BIOS.
If one is UEFI and other BIOS not work.

At the moment, for me is a good solution use 2 HD:
When i boot PC, start automatically Ubuntu, and if i want use Windows8, from boot menu (F12 for me) I choose HD which has windows 8.

All works properly! Ok is not a practise solution, but works...

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