The problem is that the folder directory is /home/marek/Desktop/Tekkitserver/3.1.1 and root has all but 5 file ownership and permissions what are inside it.

It all happened after I launched tekkit server .bat file trough terminal and when I opened folder with "home folder" I saw that freshly created files are in total root access.

And none of the sudo nautilus commands worked, because the folder was unreachable for nautilus. I was able to see no child folder even whit Ctrl+H and I have troubles with chown. My user name is Marek Parbo (marek) and I am an administrator.

And I know that this question is recently asked, but i really didn't understood it at all. I have experience with sudo nautilus because Root was so defensive that and freshly formatted SD card was only permissioned to root and i got rid of it whit sudo nautilus.

However, this time i can't use it.

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  • Well, what are your troubles with chown and how exactly does sudo nautilus (which is discouraged for many reasons, btw - use gksu nautilus if you really need a root nautilus instance) not work? – user98085 Jan 2 '13 at 17:39

You can set permissions with the chown command. the -R option will set the permissions not only to the folder which you are setting the permissions on, but on all its contents as well.

from what I can gather, you need to set the folder's permission to you own account. to do this, execute the following command:

sudo chown -R marek:marek /home/marek/Desktop/Tekkitserver/3.1.1

Hope this does the trick. and please try to be more specific when you ask these questions...

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