Not quite sure if this is an appropriate place to ask the question as it isn't technically supported but I am having some issues with the netflix-desktop package on my Kubuntu 12.10 laptop.

Following the instructions listed here I added the ppa and then installed netflix-desktop and did not seem to get any errors during the installation. However when I run netflix-desktop nothing seems to happen. (I know the poster here: How can I use Netflix on Ubuntu? he had other things that were installed upon first launch but i didn't see anything else get configured)

I am wondering if there is something going wrong with the fact that I'm using Kubuntu instead of Ubuntu?

Thanks in advance

  • I doubt that would be a problem. It's possible that the PPA maintainer failed to include as dependencies some programs installed by default in Unity Ubuntu but not Kubuntu. – Mechanical snail Jan 1 '13 at 0:18

There are some windows dependencies that get installed on the first boot of netflix-desktop that don't always succeed. This happened to me once. So I typed sudo apt-get -reinstall install netflix-desktop and it fixed it right up for me. Also there is a point where Microsoft will want you to sign-off on a EULA. You'll need to tab to highlight the [OK} button.

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